Weekly Prayer Calendar

Each week for ten weeks we will focus on praying for the Purpose, Mission and Vision of SBC Hamlet.  There will be a prayer guide each week beginning on Wednesdays for that week.  Please join us as we seek God’s plan for our future.
“Praying Toward Our Purpose, Mission and Vision”
Week Nine: Praying the Scripture

Read Philippians 2:1-5

·         Pray for God to encourage and strengthen your faith and your love for Him.

·         Pray for repentance of any attitudes that may not be pleasing to God.

·         Pray for the brothers and sisters in your church and around the world to also be strengthened spiritually.

·         Pray for a spirit of unity in your church. Pray that we be united around the gospel of Jesus Christ

·         Pray for a clean heart and right attitude in your service to the Lord.

·         Pray that God will burden your heart to serve others; not only in the church but also in the community

 Specific Prayer Requests

Pray for humility in your own heart.

Pray for our church leaders to serve with attitudes that please Christ. 

Pray for the ministries to our community.  Pray that God will soften our hearts for the needs of those around us.