Weekly Prayer Calendar

Each week for ten weeks we will focus on praying for the Purpose, Mission and Vision of SBC Hamlet.  There will be a prayer guide each week beginning on Wednesdays for that week.  Please join us as we seek God’s plan for our future.
“Praying Toward Our Purpose, Mission and Vision”

Week Five:  Praying the Scripture

Read 2 Chronicles 7:13-14

·         Pray that God would show His mercy toward His people during times of judgment when the church needs revival (v. 13)

·         Pray for believers to return to the Lord in a prayer centered relationship (v. 14a)

·         Pray for a spirit of sincere and genuine repentance and confession among God’s people (v. 14b)

·         Pray for revival and renewal to take place among God’s people as they return and repent of their sin (v. 14c)

·         Pray for God’s redemptive purpose’s among the lost multitudes to be accomplished as revival comes to His people and they are sent into the world (v. 14d))


Specific Prayer Requests

Pray for the members of Second Baptist church.

Pray for revival and purpose to come to you personally.

Pray for revival and purpose to come to your church.

Pray for any broken relationships you may have or know of that they may be healed.

Pray for God to show you personally the needs around you that He may use you to meet.