Sanctuary Choir

The Sanctuary Choir at Second Baptist Church prepares and leads congregational worship in hymn and praise songs during Sunday morning worship. With an emphasis on the gospel, each Sunday they present beautifully written and orchestrated songs with inspiring and uplifting messages. In placing an emphasis on beautiful music, the Sanctuary Choir strives to encourage the congregation in engaging and meaningful worship throughout the service.

Choir members spend an hour or so each Wednesday evening learning and perfecting the music for the Sunday morning services and preparing for special music services, especially for Christmas and Easter Sunday. Many of the members have been singing in the choir for a number of years, demonstrating a high level of dedication to the preparation for worship. However, new members are welcome and encouraged to join the choir, meeting weekly at 7:30 in the choir rehearsal room.

The Sanctuary Choir is a place where believers can join their voices together to proclaim and lift high the living God. While the choir strives to make music pleasing to the listener, it is to God and for God they sing.

“Sing and make melody to the Lord with your heart.” Ephesians 5:19.