Job Posting: Associate Pastor of Student Ministries

Job Title: Associate Pastor of Student Ministries

Reports To: Senior Pastor

Position Status: Full-Time; Salaried



The role of the Associate Pastor of Student Ministries is to work in harmony with the Senior Pastor and the Administrative Team, have a firm grasp on the purpose, values and strategy of Second Baptist Church and align key leadership with her mission and the Pastor’s vision for her. The principal function is the development and execution of a comprehensive ministry of Christian development for all youth and lead ministry volunteers concerning primarily the youth and children’s department.

Qualifications for the Position:

–     The Associate Pastor of Student Ministries should be a born again believer in Jesus Christ and give evidence of that relationship in their daily life.

–     They should exhibit familiarity with and experience in leading a variety of ministry opportunities for youth.

–     Ability to plan, organize, train, and supervise ministry volunteers.

–     Training and/or experience in spiritual, emotional, cognitive development of youth/children.

–     The Associate Pastor of Student Ministries should stay current on ideas and methods in order to provide Christian counseling to both parents and youth/children on contemporary issues.  This should include continuing education opportunities through conference and training in ministry.

–     This position prefers a minimum of 5 years’ experience as a staff member in a ministry leadership capacity.

–     Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree is preferred.

–     The successful individual will be a self-starter, not requiring a great deal of supervision, with a solid work ethic and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done and work well in a team setting, working toward common goals with other staff members and volunteers.

–     A working knowledge of Microsoft Office as well as the ability to research and use a multitude of information gathering resources is a must.


  1.     Survey the needs and consider realistically the areas of concern to be included in a vibrant ministry to youth.
  2.     Work with ministry leaders and volunteers in developing a comprehensive ministry of spiritual, educational, and emotional development for the youth and their parents/guardians.
  3.     Plan, coordinate, conduct and recruit volunteers and leaders for special events such as camps, retreats, fellowships, and community outreach, etc.
  4.     Conduct special training events for ministry volunteers.
  5.     Advise in the use of material, equipment, supplies, and space by the youth group in all church related activities, make budget recommendations for a viable youth ministry.
  6.     Keep informed of new trends and upcoming opportunities within youth ministry and seek to enrich all facets of ministry to youth.
  7.     Lead the recruitment, training, and allocation of human resources in cooperation with the Nominating Committee for an efficient ministry to the youth of the church and community.
  8.     Provide the leadership to encourage participation by all youth in the ministry opportunities of the church.
  9.     Work with the principal of SBCA to minister to the needs of our student body and make oneself available for SBCA outreach opportunities and special events.
  10.     Attend monthly team meetings, Deacons’ meetings and church conference’s to give reports and recommendations concerning youth ministry.
  11.     Support the Pastor in the overall vision and leadership of the church’s teaching.
  12.     Provide the leadership to assist in the Children’s Ministry of SBC.
  13.     Perform other duties as assigned.

For more information please contact the church office (910-582-3696).


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